Eco Committee

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Ings Farm School currently have our bronze award eco status and our Eco Committee are trying to help us to achieve the next level and eventually to receive gold status and fly the flag above our school! In order to do this they have come up with a number of school wide schemes which involve all of the children and staff, including:

  • Recycling of paper, card and plastic each classroom and staff area have collection boxes for the materials and children are designated to make collections twice weekly.

  • Tea bags and fruit waste and school kitchen food waste are collected and used in the school garden compost bin. The compost is then used to feed the vegetables and plants we grow in the garden each year.

  • A review of school energy consumption has taken place and action plans have been put into place. We encourage all members of Ings Farm School to save energy throughout the day and have installed motion sensor lighting throughout school.

  • A new certificate scheme has recently been put into place to help encourage recycling and energy saving. Each in our celebration assembly a certificate is awarded to the class which has recycled the most and been noted to have lights and appliances off when not using them.

The Eco Committee members are known as Earth Guardians. This name was chosen by the children and they created their own logo and Eco code.

The committee members are very dedicated and along with Mrs Milburn who co-ordinates the group, gave a presentation to the board of governors about the long list of fantastic things they are doing to help Ings Farm achieve gold status. They meet with the school council at least once a month, regularly talk to the children in school classrooms and have given assemblies to pass on information and keep the school updated on their mission.

Well done Earth Guardians! Keep up the fantastic work!

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