School Meals

At Ings Farm, our school meals are provided by Mellors:

Mellors Catering Services is part of Mellors Food Group, and operates some 140 catering contracts in the North of England, mainly within Primary and Secondary schools. They are proud to use local suppliers and fresh produce to provide freshly made meals for your child every day. Visit the Mellors website to find out more.

What's for lunch?

Mellors have worked closely with our school to ensure that you receive better value and if you want a copy of the menu you can simply ask at the school office.The weekly menus are also displayed in the school halls and classrooms.

Sample menu

Here's a sample 3 weekly menu to give you an idea of the food that is available to the children. Each day, they can choose a main, a side (more than one if they wish to) and a dessert.

School menu week 1 School menu week 2 School menu week 3

How much is it?

A big change, which I think you will appreciate, is that from September 2014 all KS1 children are entitled to school meals completely free of charge! This is a national initiative and one that we all agree will have a positive effect in school.

The cost of a school meal for a child in KS2 is £2.05 and should be paid on Mondays using dinner money envelopes provided. You may pay by cash or cheque. Cheques should be paid to Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council. If your child is absent then a credit will be made.

Dietary requirements

If your child has any special dietary requirements then please let school know as provision can be made for them.

Packed lunches

Children who do not have a school meal can bring a packed lunch or go home. Please ensure that packed lunches are brought to school in a secure container labelled with your childs name. In the interest of health and safety, we ask that you do not include nuts (i.e. peanut butter sandwiches) as we have children with nut allergies. We also ask that the children do not bring cans or glass bottles and fizzy drinks or sweets.

Morning snack

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children are provided with fresh fruit every day which they eat during morning break. For Key Stage 2 we sell packets of dried fruit and fruit bars every morning at a cost of 40p.