Sports Funding Action Plan

Use of Sports Premium Funding

From September 2013 the government has allocated funding directly to primary schools to support the provision of high quality PE/sport.

Each school will receive £8000 plus an extra £5 per pupil each year. During 2016/17 we will receive £11926.

We are spending the money in the following way:

1. Seven hours of specialist sports coaching per week from Guy Sweetman, that includes the following:

  • Five hours of curriculum coaching This also provides the opportunity for specialist sports teaching demonstrations for staff training purposes.

  • One hour of sports leadership training (delivered at lunchtime).

  • One hour of after school sport, to be shared out equally over the year between all year groups.

2. Membership of the ‘Rye Hills Sports Partnership’, which provides access to the following:

  • ‘Bikeability’ course delivered to all year 5 pupils.

  • Entry into half termly inter-school competitions, via the local Rye Hills Sports Partnership, including transportation.

  • INSET training, via the local Rye Hills Sports Partnership, for all staff on the PE scheme of work.

  • Mentoring for newly qualified staff.

  • Lesson Support from the local ‘Rye Hills Sports Partnership’ to develop more effective delivery of PE lessons.

  • PE curriculum development support for the PE Lead Teacher, including membership of the local ‘Rye Hills Sports Partnership’.

3. Meet costs related to attendance at sporting events (such as entry fees and transport) not included in our Rye Hills Sports Partnership agreement..